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Optx 20/20 Lenses +1.25
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Optx 20/20 Reading Glasses
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OPTX 20/20 Lenses +1.25
OPTX 20/20 Lenses +1.25
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your shipping costs?

First class shipping within the United States is FREE! You may upgrade to Priority for $5.99 or Express for $17.49.

International orders ship First Class for just $1!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most Optx orders are processed the same or next business day they are received. A business day is Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. Within the US, Optx lenses usually take 3 to 7 days to arrive. International orders typically take 14-21 days to arrive but in some areas such as England they have taken as long as 4-5 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately the US Postal Service that we use at does not allow tracking of orders.

Who needs Optx 20/20 lenses?

Who is an ideal customer for OPTX 20/20 lenses? ANYONE who needs reading glasses (with the condition known as presbyopia).
* Almost every person over the age of 40 needs some sort of corrective lenses for seeing up close, and of course many younger people do as well
* They want to keep doing sports and being outside
* They all want to continue wearing their own sunglasses, and not pay for prescription sunglass lenses
* Many need to wear protective lenses for work or do-it-yourself activities

When people develop presbyopia, they find they need to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials at arm's length in order to focus properly. When they perform close-up work, such as threading the fishing line into the hook, embroidery or handwriting, they may have headaches or eyestrain, or feel fatigued.

When they reach the point of not being able to read up close without stretching their arms past the limit, many people turn to single-vision reading glasses. But with Optx lenses, you can convert your current long-distance glasses into instant bifocals, or your favorite sunglasses into reading glasses.

Optx lenses allow you to look down and through the lenses for near work, and up and over them to see in the distance. Optx lenses are better than regular reading glasses, because if you try to look up and across the room through the reading lenses, everything appears blurry.

Why would I want to Buy Optx 20/20 Stick on Lenses?

* You don't need to carry 2 pair of glasses
* You can convert your sunglasses instantly into reading glasses
* You can now buy more sunglasses to change your style!

Our Customers love this unique product and always talk about it with their friends. Word of mouth advertising is the main way most of you have probably found this so keep the word going!

Why are Optx lenses so special?

OPTX READING lenses are a unique flexible magnifying lens that easily attach through molecular adhesion with just a drop of water to any style of glasses or mask, instantly converting them into reading glasses.
* No adhesives are needed and these flexible lenses leave no residue.
* Removable and re-usable
* A patented product made in the USA,
* specially made from a Bayer material called TexinŽ that will not yellow with time or break
* You can cut them with scissors to fit any glasses or mask. These may be trimmed from the rounded side only as depicted below.

How do Optx20/20 lenses work?

Optx 20/20 lenses attach easily to any clean pair of sunglasses, goggles, safety glasses or dive mask, using only a drop of water. The special plastic, developed by Bayer Material Science, stays in place using molecular adhesion - not glue. Optx lenses can be removed and re-used as often as needed. It really is that simple. Detailed instructions come with each order.

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